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About Advanced Hearing Aid & Diagnostics

Welcome to Advanced Hearing Aid & Diagnostics. We are happy to provide comprehensive audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Dr. Marilyn Pimentel Au.D  who has been practicing for around 17 years and the last 5 years in Corpus Christi. Her expertise goes from pediatric population to Veterans population conducting comprehensive audiological test that includes, pure tones audiometry, word recognition testing, immitance test which includes tympanometry and acoustic reflexes. She is very knowledgeable programming hearing aids from different brands and also programming Bone anchored hearing devices. We offer full-service hearing aid dispensing, maintenance, and warranties along with waterproof custom earmolds.  You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Pimentel directly by scheduling an appointment.

Advanced Hearing Aid & Diagnostics, LLC is affiliated with Corpus Christi ENT, Sinus and Allergy.

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