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Hearing Aids in Corpus Christi, TX

Advanced Hearing Aid & Diagnostics is a full-service hearing clinic that service the highest quality of hearing aids in Corpus Christi, Alice, Beeville, Kingsville, Victoria, Robstown, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass.

We offer a thorough medical examination, comprehensive hearing testing, and evaluation and fitting for amplification with hearing aids when medically indicated by our providers. All of our patients suffering from hearing loss are explained the reason for their loss and what can be done to treat it.

An audiologist handing a patient a hearing aid.
An audiologist showing a patient the different options of hearing aids.

Variety of hearing aids

Hearing aids are a common and successful way of improving hearing for patients with documented irreversible hearing loss. We offer many varieties of aids and service options for patients who would medically benefit from amplification.

Although hearing loss sometimes cannot be corrected, utilizing proper hearing aids can overcome the daily inconveniences of this loss. With so many hearing aids available today, choosing the right one can be difficult and time-consuming. Understanding the options available can help to make the process easier and help to assure the one you select will best meet your needs.

We also have available custom rechargeable and non rechargeable hearing aid protection.

Common Hearing Aid Styles

Types of hearing aids for patients with hearing loss.

There are so many different brands of hearing aids, it sometimes becomes confusing. However, no matter what brand of hearing aid it is, the style or shape of the hearing aids is fairly consistent from one to the other. Let’s look at the most common styles of hearing aids.

There are three primary categories hearing aids fall into. The first is custom or in-the-ear (ITE), the second is standard or (BTE) and the third is OTE or Receiver in the canal. Each category can be further subdivided into smaller categories.

Custom Hearing Aids or in-the-ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids are aids that are completely contained within the ear. They are molded to fit your ear. In order to be fit with a custom aid the Audiologist takes an impression of your ear using a silicone putty. The impression is then sent to the manufacturer along with a copy of your hearing test results in order to make a hearing aid specific to your ear and loss.

Custom aids come in a variety of sizes. The largest is the full shell, and then get progressively smaller, to a half shell, in-the-canal, mini-canal, completely-in-canal, and in some cases the invisible-in-canal (not available from all manufacturers). In the past, and to a certain degree even today, the more severe your hearing loss, the larger the hearing aid needed to be. Due to the size of the aids, the smaller aids do not necessarily have all of the features available in the larger aids such as directional microphones, wireless capabilities, or volume controls.

  • The full shell ITE fills the bowl portion of the ear completely. It is usually fit on someone who has extremely severe hearing loss, or someone who has poor vision or limited use of their hands or fingers. Since it is larger, it is easier to handle.
  • The half shell aid is a little smaller. It fills the ear canal and the lower portion of the bowl of the ear, but does not typically move up into the upper folds of the ear (the helix area).
  • The In-the-Canal or ITC aid is a bit smaller, with even more of the aid fitting into the ear canal and less into the back portion of the bowl of the ear.
  • Even smaller, the Mini-canal fits with only a small portion of the aid showing in the bowl portion of the ear with the majority of the aid in the ear canal.
  • Finally, the CIC, the Completely-In-Canal aid sits within the ear canal so that only the face of the hearing aid is visible at the opening of the ear. It also uses battery and depends on the company, size of battery could vary.

*Depends on the hearing aid company, you can have the option of rechargeable custom hearing aids for those models from Mini canal – Full Shell, which will be lasting around 20 hours or regular hearing aid battery, which could last between 5-10 days depends on usage, streaming and size of battery.

behind the ear (BTE) Hearing Aids and Over the ear hearing aids(OTE).

BTEs and OTEs hearing aids has the majority of the electronics of the hearing aid located behind the ear or on top of the ear. Each one also is available in different sizes which vary with the amount of gain provided.

  • A BTE is also named as a standard hearing aid. Has all the electronics located behind the ear and them a plastic earpiece is attached to deliver the sound the ear. Most of the time, the earpiece is molded to your ear. This aid is available in different sizes: mini BTE, regular power BTE and Super Power/Ultra Power BTE.
  • Over the Ear Hearing aids are also named: Receiver-In-Canal or RIC hearing aid. In this case the receiver, the part of the hearing aid that converts the electrical signal back into sound, sits in the ear. The aid portion that sits behind the ear is smaller and there is a thin wire that connects the receiver to the aid. This aid can fit all severities of hearing loss, mostly uses a dome at the part that sits in the ear canal but in some cases could required and earpiece to be molded to your ear.

*Depends on the hearing aid company, you can have the option of rechargeable hearing aids which will be lasting around 20 hours or regular hearing aid battery, which could last between 5-7 days depends on usage, streaming and size of battery.

**All of the hearing aid companies we work with, has an application for the phone that could be also use as a remote control and patient can, discreetly, do adjustments to their hearing aids. And all of them are MFI (Made for Iphone) with direct streaming and also are compatible with some android phones for direct streaming.

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